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Well, I do.

Improved Initiative

How many times have your heard this? Tracking initiative is VERY important to keep the game going and maintaining the combat flow.

And being first or second can change the way a combat is developed. You can read more about this on NewbieDM. I decided to make my own, with more condensed information: Index Cards: Detailed. However, for DMs it shows more information that will quicken decisions and results. Paizo makes great RPG products, and we know it. Such as the Pathfinder Flip-Mats. Click here to check out our product review! If you have the Pathfinder Flip-Mat already, you can just write down the turn order there and erase it after combat!

Just f ollow the instructions!

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I stopped tracking initiative with on iPhone some months ago. Hi DM Alex! Thank you so much for writing about my app Improved Initiative here. Feel free to drop me a line any time if you have questions about it. Hey Evan! I love this improved initiative site.

Very good and nice design.

Encounter Initiative Tracker

Good article too. Hey AJ!In addition, the savings achieved with the initiatives can be measured and documented with InitiativeTracker. By using professional saving dashboards, your management is able to see whether the planned savings can be achieved within a set timeframe and to the full scale.

It can also be recognized if there are any implementation problems in individual divisions, categories or teams e. The analyses also show to which extent the purchasing organization has been mobilized by means of certain initiatives dynamic of activitiesand if there is any room for improvement. When using InitiativeTracker and SpendControl together, spend information baselines extracted from SpendControl are provided to plan your sourcing initiatives. In addition, estimates and calculations of savings can be imported, and comparisons of planned and actual figures can be performed automatically.

It is also possible to integrate InitiativeTracker in other spend management systems based on, for example, SAP and Ariba. Especially for performance-based sourcing projects both partners need one tool to clearly and mutually define framework conditions and prerequisites of a sourcing project or program; to plan and control the activities to be carried out; and to document, and in most cases even to directly measure, savings.

That way controllers and internal or external auditors may understand, accept and approve the achieved savings or reject it with good reasoning.

Fantasy Grounds Overview - Combat Tracker and Player Combat

The software connects individual scorecard goals with saving initiatives, individually listed activities and corresponding results. Many companies use external consultants for sourcing initiatives. As a result, your company loses valuable insight and best practices. The software fulfills all requirements to:.

Turn Tracker

We are happy to answer your questions and provide you with our solutions available in a short online presentation. Give us two preferred dates and let us know how you want to be contacted. We will contact you shortly. EN DE. Load brochure Demo. Which purchasers are working on which initiatives at the moment? With which activities and which team are they working on the intiative?

What is the actual volume of expected and already achieved savings? Will the planned goals be achieved by the end of the fiscal year? What is still missing to attain the goals? Analyze Sourcing Initiatives and Savings with Predefined Dashboards and Reports By using professional saving dashboards, your management is able to see whether the planned savings can be achieved within a set timeframe and to the full scale. Document Sourcing Knowledge of Your External Consultants Many companies use external consultants for sourcing initiatives.

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It only takes a minute to sign up. Just DM'd my first ever non-online game. I had chosen to just list their character names and enemies in order on a single index card but they couldn't see it easily and I kept forgetting who went next. Plus, I had to rewrite it for each new combat bit and it felt like it took too long. I'm used to roll20's turn order feature where you can easily advance the order and have a nice highlight on who's supposed to go next.

I like that it's visible to all players, and how easy it is to remove monsters when they die. I'd like to find a way to simulate that feature at the table for easier combat. I want to limit the technology at the table, since I want to keep the focus on the roleplay and would rather they weren't all on computers.

Based on your personal experience playing, what preferably low-tech method of tracking turn order can be used to streamline the initiative process?

Our group writes the names on pieces of colored paper, about half the size of 3x5 index cards. These are folded in half and the names of each combatant written twice upon the card, so that it forms a little tent, with the name readable from either side.

When initiative is rolled, the cards are placed in order straddling atop the DM screen, shoved over to one side. As each person or monster takes their turn their card is slid across to the middle, and after that to the far end. At the end of the round, all cards are slid back. This method could be adapted by using a long narrow piece of paper with all names written evenly across it and a marker such as a poker chip moved along it, but the card method is much more visual and easily adaptable on the fly.

If more monsters show up in the middle of the fight, they can be inserted in initiative order. I recently saw an excellent post by Matthew Colville on Twitter and use a slightly modified version of this system.

best initiative tracker

It consists of a dowel rod and clothes-pins with names written on both sides for the players and clothes-pins with colored stickers Walmart link for the baddies and NPCs. Everyone can see the order and it's very expandable for use with minis. My groups usually use a wet erase mat or a whiteboard as a battle mat grid optional. We always write the names 1 of the characters or monster identifiers in the initiative order on the mat itself. If the game allows for changing that order, we might leave more space or just erase and rewrite if it changes.

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It's also clearly visible to the group as a whole. Most of all, it allows the DM to foist off initiative tracking to some players, so he can spend time looking up monster stats or finding appropriate character models cough legos cough cough.

This comes highly recommended. For my group, I went to the local office supply store and bought a long, narrow dry erase board of the sort usually used for grocery listsspecifically one with the metal underlayer that makes it magnet-compatible. I write out the initiative order on the board, then use the magnetic dot that came with it to indicate where the current turn is. You can add additional magnetics if you like -- I ended up getting some colored magnetic dots from Alea that I can write on in wet-erase, so I have a standard set of PC dots.

For my group, I use folded index cards that sit on top of my DM's screen. The side of the card that faces out has the character name and player name it's an Adventurer's league game, so it helps everyone at the table learn names quickly. The cards stay on top of the screen between combats and are moved around as necessary. I find that the additional information on the card is quite helpful at speeding up combat, as I do not need to ask for AC after every attack, nor the DC when making monster saving throws, I simply inform the player of the outcome, or the result in the case of players having a way of modifying a value after a result such as the Shield spell.Combat is one of the 3 core mechanics in DnD and, when compared to RP and exploration, it is certainly the most rule intensive.

When players go into combat in DnD 5e, they have 3 actions: a movement, a standard action and a bonus action. Every character in every situation is going to have a myriad of options and all of those options have rules tied to them.

Remembering these rules or completely forgetting them and having to look them up can take time and the more time that is spent here increases the chance of players becoming disinterested with the encounter. My job in this article is to make your life easier when it comes to tracking initiative and managing combat in DnD 5e. An Initiative Tracker is something to help you keep track of who goes where in initiative.

Simple right? Well, it can be but some initiative trackers are going to be better than others. Features — This one is a bit tricky.

All of these trackers are going to have different features. I will be listing which initiative trackers have which features and will be giving my personal opinion. You may weight certain features differently. Since the dawn of DnD, people have been using pen and paper to track initiative.

The process is simple:. I personally use Google Drive for everything DnD. I have spreadsheets of random encounters, wild magic surges, magical items, shop inventories, character sheets, character backstory templatesI could go on all day.

Naturally, the first place I looked after pen and paper was a Google Sheet, you can check out the template I created here:. Google Sheets Initiative Tracker. I have found this awesome for a couple of reasons:. I like being able to sort and I like the fact that you can reuse the template to speed up having to enter PC information.

Spending the time to set up your campaign in this system is definitely worth it and you will be rewarded by seamless, fast paced initiative. Even after using it for a number of sessions I still find myself struggling to figure out the UI. Addable conditions straight from the DMG? This thing is outfitted with just about everything you can ask for. Not only does it have all of the features that Hero Muster boasts addable characters, custom NPCs and monsters, and all monster stats from the MM but it actually has more and with a better UI to boot.

Here are some of the things you get with Improved Initiative:. The one downside is, like Hero Muster, Improved Initiative is tied to your computer and browser. Unlike Hero Muster there is an option to allow account sync by subbing to their Patreon. Hope you liked the article! If you have an Initiative Tracker that you particularly love you can leave a comment down below or shoot me an email at wizards arcaneeye. If you like our content subscribe to Arcane Eye! Check your inbox or spam folder to confirm your subscription.

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Learn how your comment data is processed. Table of Contents.Attention: Roll20 is no longer maintaining this document on the community wiki. For the most up-to-date information please visit this page on our Help Center for assistance: Here.

For more information you can email us at Team roll The Roll20 Turn Tracker exists to aid you and your players with turn-based games by presenting an interactive list to the group. This feature is intentionally not automated, so that more game types are able to use it. Note that while only the GM can open the Turn Tracker, once it is open it will be visible to all players as well. To add a turn to the tracker, right click on a token on the tabletop, and choose "Add Turn" from the menu that appears.

Note that you can add multiple turns for the same token if desired. After the token turn has been added, the token's image and name if set will appear in the turn list. Note that if the token is on the GM Layer, the name will be greyed to indicate that the turn is not being shown to players. The Turn Tracker allows you to add a value next to each token.

You can use this spot to keep track of initiative or any other stat that you want to note about the turn. There are several ways to add token values, all of which can be accomplished by both the GM and players.

The easiest method is to simply click on the number next to the Token and type in a new number. Alternatively, you can drag the result of a roll from the chat box to the Turn Tracker and drop it in the numerical field. To re-order the turns, you can simply click and drag on a turn and then move it up or down in the list.

If you press the blue Turn Order Settings Button, you can reorder and sort the current list either numerically or alphabetically. To advance to the next turn in the tracker, simply press the arrow button, and the current turn at the top of the list will be moved to the bottom.

Clicking on the blue gear button at the bottom of the Turn Tracker will bring up the Turn Order Settings. Here you can choose between a series of sorting methods: numerically, alphabetically, and by card suit. Just fill out the name of the item and click the Add button to include it in the tracker. Optionally you can add a Round Calculation to custom items.

These calculations are completed every time the custom item reaches the top of the Turn Tracker. This is particularly useful for setting up a "Round Count" object that increases by one every rotation, or setting depreciating buffs that decrease every round. Note that this only works when there are more than one items on the Turn Tracker. This can be used to simulate systems that use an Escalation Die mechanic or fetch the value of a token's turn order.

To remove a turn, simply mouseover the turn in the list, and then click on the red trash can icon that appears over the token image. The GM controls the turn tracker. It shows on player's screens when the GM opens it, and closes for all players when the GM closes it.

best initiative tracker

The GM sees all items in the list, but players will only see the items that are located on their current page.Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New releases. Add to Wishlist. Easily Manage Your Battles BattleTrack makes it simple to create, manage and track multiple encounters for your game sessions. BattleTrack makes starting and running encounters easy freeing up time to enjoy the action. Set up encounters ahead of time and make the final touches before starting.

All the interactions during your encounter are logged so you can look back and see what's been happening should you need to take a break during your encounter. Instantly get an idea of how challenging the encounter is going to be while creating it. Rolls can be easily overridden once the encounter has begun. Encounter Creation Encounter creation is easy. For players tap the all check box or add individual players by tapping the check boxes next to them.

Search the list by tapping the magnifying glass icon in the top right. Tracking Players, monsters and NPCs are all ordered according to their initiative rolls conflicts are resolved with the higher modifier going first. The name of who's turn it is currently is shown and turns can be advanced or reversed using the buttons at the bottom.

For interactions tap on the effected player, monster or NPC in the list and enter the type and amount. Player Group, Monster and NPC Management Players groups, monsters and NPCs can be edited and created while creating the encounter or by accessing their respective libraries from the navigation drawer. Contact If you have any question or feedback please email.

Tom TechTev. Reviews Review Policy. Effected encounters will now return to the create encounter screen where the correct rolls can be entered upon start. View details.

best initiative tracker

Flag as inappropriate. Visit website. See more. A GM's best friend! Generate endless encounters with the Encounter Generator. A Simple 5E Spellbook App! RPG Companion. SvEnjoy Productions. Manolo D'antonio. A friendly tracker for your d20 initiative needs.Featuring an easy to use interface, Combat Tracker is a tool that allows Dungeon Masters to track the combat initiatives of players and monsters. It tracks each round, orders who goes next, and allows the Dungeon Master to track vital statistics of each player and monster during combat.

Initial Release. Initiative tracking and hitpoint tracking. Some things planned. Armor class tracking, Effects in play. This is a great app and has been very helpful in running my game.

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For those that say it does not track HP well, I got around this by simply entering the character or enemies HP total and selecting 'heal'. Now you have their HP total and can subtract damage from it. For future versions I would love to be able to add the bloodied value, track surges and surge values.

Good work, though! Wish it had some more features like adding in AC and saves, if somebody delays, and if they have any effects on them ie slow but it's still the best I've found so far. It works well enough for a very, very simple initiative tracker. I feel if it added a few more features it could be a godsend. Things such as: - multiple party loadouts to save and load different groups - a "back to full health" button to restore a character to full health between encounters.

Very cool and useful app! This makes tracking combat MUCH simpler than using pen and paper. I also like how you didn't try to cater to a certain system so I can use it for all of the systems that I can run. Oh, and to everyone saying that they don't like how you can't set a max health: after you create the combatant, just enter the number for the max health and hit "heal". Max health! Very basic, but seems like it'll be a good starting point for future updates.

Very happily, it does not require any system permissions identity, contacts, datawhich is great. Add another star if that's important to you. The changing initiative and hit points are okay. However, there are several bugs that prevent this from use in any RPG system. First of all, if the app resizes to a size less than wide, it is unusuable.

Secondly, adding character does not select new character. If a character takes damage or heals, the initiative moves to the character instead of the original. Finally, no way to reset the round count or delete characters. I used this last night for the first time and it streamlined my DM'ing drastically.

Even better if said effects had a duration input that ticked down with round progress. Overall, it's a great app.

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Will be using for all my future DM'ing. It'd be better if it tracked things like haste, bane, etc. But it does track damage and initiative. Translate to English.

best initiative tracker


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