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Try Our Food Word Quiz! Play Now. It is also referred to as small hearts and two pink hearts. Across platforms, the emoji features red or pink hearts, with one larger heart at the bottom or in front and a second, smaller heart up and off to the right or behind the first.

The two hearts emoji is one of the most widely used heart-based emoji, of which there are literally dozens. It is frequently paired with other heart emoji for emphasis, especially the red heart emoji or beating heart emoji.

While it is a symbol of romantic love, it can also be used to show affection for other close relationships, such as with family and friends e. Because it looks the hearts are floating, the two hearts emoji can sometimes more specifically convey the sense of love is in the air to represent a general romantic mood or atmosphere. This is not meant to be a formal definition of like most terms we define on Dictionary. Menu Dictionary. Everything After Z by Dictionary.

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purple heart emoji urban dictionary

What's hot. Related words. Popular now. Where does come from? Who uses? Note This is not meant to be a formal definition of like most terms we define on Dictionary. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.Thank you for using this tool.

If you could share this tool with your friends, that would be a huge help. Thank you! If you want to know what do all the emojis mean, you are in a right place. Here are all emoji meanings. All emoji pictures here has a text label that explains it's exact meaning to avoid ambiguity and possible confusion when typing and reading messages with emoji symbols and smileys on Facebook, Twitter and messaging applications.

Now you know what does each emoji mean! Squinting Face with Tongue. Grinning Squinting Face. Smiling Cat Face with Heart-Eyes. Clockwise Vertical Arrows. Flag: British Indian Ocean Territory. Emoji are smileys and ideograms widely used in messaging and on websites.

SHVMVN - Purple Heart Emoji (Official Music Video)

Over one thousand emoji are standardized in various genres, including facial expressions and emotions, plants, animals, common objects, places, transport and much more. All popular websites and applications allow using emoji among with emoticons.

Use emoji on Facebook and Twitterfor blogging, chatting and messaging, in documents, presentations and much more! You can read more about emoji on the Wikipedia and Emoji Guide.

purple heart emoji urban dictionary

This ultimate smiley faces, symbols and emoji list with their meanings and pictures is intended to answer all questions such as what is this emoji? If you know emoji name and want to find corresponding emoji picture with this Emoji Dictionary, enter one or more keywords into the search field in the menu, and you will immediately get all relevant emoji list with their meanings. Now you can just click or tap on it's image to copy emoji into the clipboard. After doing that, switch to another website or application and paste it like an any other text.

If you want to know emoji meanings of the symbols, paste that emoji symbol in search box and job is done! You can get emoji faces meaning the same way. Pierre and Miquelon. Outlying Islands. Vincent and Grenadines. About emoji Emoji are smileys and ideograms widely used in messaging and on websites. Smileys, symbols and emoji meanings This ultimate smiley faces, symbols and emoji list with their meanings and pictures is intended to answer all questions such as what is this emoji?

How to use emoji dictionary This page lists all smiley meanings with pictures. All right reserved. All emoji names are part of the Unicode Standard.

Emoji character artwork and copyright belong to their respective creators.Modern technology becomes more and more simplified as the years go by, and with this straight-forward method of communication comes emojis.

We use them to communicate what we think and feel. Did you know that the heart emojis means something different by their colors? Long gone are the days of speaking for hours on the phone, most people just prefer to text with bright and colorful emoticons. They are used by everyone from insurance companies to politicians.

Lots of people, myself included, have become accustomed to using emojis when flirting with someone. One set of emojis that many people use when text flirting are the colorful heart emojis.

There are plenty to choose from, in different colors and shapes, each with different meanings. But what do all the different colorful heart emojis mean exactly? If you find yourself scratching your head and wondering what the different types all mean, fear not. Blue emoji hearts can be used for a variety of emotions and meanings. On one hand, they symbolize a deep attraction. Think deep waters, mysterious oceans, and stability. They can be meant as a way of expressing unfathomable depths for someone who feels a meaningful connection.

People use blue emoji hearts to express enjoyment in sexual water sports, as well as indicating a fetish for BDSM. Be aware of the double meaning of this one and attentive to the context that you use them in, so that people know what your intent is!

A lot of people use the green heart emoji to show a connection with a much greener, healthier side of themselves. They express their spiritual side that feels connected to Mother Nature, and an earthiness that encompasses them.

This way they narrow down who would be compatible, based on their moral standpoint when it comes to animal welfare. Or used to find love on St. Yellow emoji hearts symbolize a pureness of heart.

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They are synonymous with new beginnings, youth, sunshine, spring, purity, and strength. These are all great personality traits to have that you may want to express to the person on the receiving end of your texts. This heart is the simplest way of doing that. The color yellow itself radiates and conveys a burst of light, hope, and clarity. It is regularly used on Snapchat, as it appears next to the name of the contact that you snap the most, representing an amiable connection between you both.

This emoji represents a heart of gold, so use it accordingly to demonstrate your warmth of character. This heart emoji is regularly used to portray glamour or wealth. In many countries and different cultures, the color purple represents regality and power.

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Using this emoji mirrors those kinds of ambitions, and many fashion-forward people and celebrities use them. It is also used to show your flirty, sparkling personality, and to communicate to your mate that you prefer the finer things in life. It is used in text conversations between loved ones in the military and armed forces, as it demonstrates the attributes of duty, honor, and compassion.

As universally recognized, the red heart is synonymous with true love.It depicts a purple heart. This emoji could mean love, affection, joy, or admiration. It has a maternal quality because of its color. It is also most likely used as textual decoration by young girls in messages to their friends. There are number of methods to type Purple Heart Emoji.

It's very easy to get Purple Heart Emoji both on computer and mobile without any emoji keyboard installed. All you need is to select, copy and paste this symbol:. Select this like a regular text, and copy to the clipboard.

After doing that, switch to another website or application and paste emoji using context menu or keyboard. Even if emoji symbol or smiley looks like a black square or question mark, it most probably will be converted into appropriate image by web site or application where you paste it. HTML entites are intended for using on websites. You can put Purple Heart Emoji html entity code in decimal or hexadecimal form right in your message, and it will be translated into graphical representation of Purple Heart Emoji after you submit.

Here are instructions. Press and hold Alt key on keyboard. Type the hexadecimal Unicode value digit-by-digit Now release the Alt key and you'll see your character. Note 2. If this trick does not work, you should check some settings in your Windows Registry. If you don't know what the Registry is, please don't try this! Run regedit. You may need to log off and back on to enable this input type. Please share! Note 1. All right reserved.

All emoji names are part of the Unicode Standard. Emoji character artwork and copyright belong to their respective creators.Sexting gets a bad rep. And yet, we all still do it. Why not? The media would have you believe that sexting is purely a teen epidemichowever studies show that we love exchanging a flirty message well into our 20s and 30s.

So let's not pretend we don't all do it every now and again. Sexting can be great for a variety of reasons, for example: for those in long distance relationships and, whether we like to admit it or not, it's a great self esteem boost. What's not to love?

purple heart emoji urban dictionary

The greatest development to happen to sexy texting in recent years is the arrival of the emoji. We grilled our nearest and dearest about their fave emojis to use while sexting and even asked them to send us some screenshots if they were willing, some were reluctant but most were forthcoming and wonderfully honest.

The classic, not much explanation needed as people have been winking at each other since the days of the Nokia The wink's cheeky cousin, this one is usually used after you've said something a bit left field, slightly cheeky but not too explicit. This is where we start to get dirty now. According to our research this is the perfect reply to a sexy pic. Dick pic? Heart eyes. Tit pic? Another acceptable response to a nudie photo is the weary face, it means " damnhow are you so fly?

Honestly the best response to the ominous Unsolicited Dick Pic.

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Probably the most elusive face emoji, literally no one knows what it means so can be used for a variety of reasons. Despite the fact that this is the ugliest effing tongue we've ever seen, the tongue can be used to represent upcoming cunnilingus, so it is a vital emoji.

It's a good reaction all round: to a naked pic, a suggestive message, or if you can see that your sexting partner is online but hasn't replied yet This monkey has definitely seen evil. The exact meaning isn't as cut and dry as the others.

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Personally I think the monkey is a great way to follow a "whoops, I can't believe I just something that explicit. Some women are anti-bunny. It does perpetuate a super feminine, delicate stereotype. However it can also mean fucking like bunnies, so there's that. Can mean a vagina or, rather disconcertingly, some people take this to mean their partner is a virgin.

This one can mean a number of things but they all essentially boil down to one thing: bodily fluids.

Colorful Heart Emojis: How to Decode Their Meaning & Use it Right

So many phallic options in the food section for you to illustrate 'manhood'.Top definition. When drinking beers, often at or after a party, gathering together all the wounded soldiers unfinished beerspouring them into one big cupand then drink it until it is finished. The act of triumphantly cumming on a girls chest and then using a black light or ultraviolet lamp to see your sparkling white cum in a fluorescent purple.

My wife really earned her purple heart last night after an awesome episode of Hells Kitchen made me randy. Purple Heart sex. The head of a mans penis. The way the tip of the penis looks while wearing a cock-ring. All huge penises have a purple heart on the tip of them. My oh my Mr. Blank, I have never seen such a big purple heart in all my life. I deserve my medals so much that I just had to throw them away, Im so proud of me and my country that i'm going too picket and protest the war cause i'm so smart!

John Kerry is a undeserving, disrespectful, piece of crap who somehow weaseled his way into saying he has three purple hearts, that he threw away and then later retrieved on e-bay ,oh and i almost forgot a very unfortunate frankensteinish looking man! Jumping on the grenade at the bar, even though it was nowhere near being a sacrifice for your buddies. You still get the medal for bravery. Bro you totally deserve a purple heart for that grenade you jumped on at the bar.

Purple Heart unknown. Wrapping a rubber band around your testicles until they turn purple.

purple heart emoji urban dictionary

Hey check out this purple heart. My balls hurt so bad right now.

This Is What Your Favourite Emojis Actually Mean

April 16th The Simp Try Our Food Word Quiz! Play Now. The eggplant emoji is also called the aubergine emoji in the UK and Japan. While it can literally refer to the food item eggplant parmesan, perhaps? This is in large part due to other emoji representations of long foods associated with penises like the banana or cucumber looking less like … well … penises.

The eggplant emoji is frequently combined with other emoji. When paired with the mouth emoji, it means oral sex. When paired with the peach emojia butt or female genitaliait means anal or vaginal sex. When next to the sweat droplets emojiit means ejaculation. The eggplant emoji has become so associated with the penis that people even use the word eggplant as a stand in, or euphemism for, the word penis. It just sounds better. This is not meant to be a formal definition of like most terms we define on Dictionary.

Menu Dictionary. Everything After Z by Dictionary. Previous Word. Next Word. Examples Origin Usage. Emoji dictionary or eggplant emoji or aubergine emoji [ eg -plant, -plahnt ih- moh -jee] What does mean? What's hot. Related words, hand job.

Examples of BreakingNews: We're launching an exciting new savoury condom range - Eggplant flavour! Had anyone used this as anything other than a penis? And hey, that peach is still up for grabs…. Popular now. Where does come from? Who uses?


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