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The Wiegand interface is a de facto wiring standard which arose from the popularity of Wiegand effect card readers in the s. It is commonly used to connect a card swipe mechanism to the rest of an access control system. The sensor in such a system is often a "Wiegand wire", based on the Wiegand effectdiscovered by John R. A Wiegand-compatible reader is normally connected to a Wiegand-compatible security panel.

An advantage of the Wiegand signaling format is that it allows very long cable runs, far longer than other interface standards of its day allowed. The communications protocol used on a Wiegand interface is known as the Wiegand protocol. The original Wiegand format had one parity bit, 8 bits of facility code, 16 bits of ID code, and a trailing parity bit for a total of 26 bits.

The first parity bit is calculated from the first 12 bits of the code and the trailing parity bit from the last 12 bits. However, many inconsistent implementations and extensions to the basic format exist.

Many access control system manufacturers adopted Wiegand technology, but were unhappy with the limitations of only 8 bits for site codes and 16 bits for card numbersso they designed their own formats with varying complexity of field numbers and lengths and parity checking. Therefore, most Wiegand formats used in physical access control are less than 37 bits in length. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

wiegand formula

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Wiegand interface

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wiegand formula

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But you may have no idea what it actually is, other than an important part of making any access control system work. Keep reading to find out. You might also see it referred to as a bit format, referring to the specific system of binary data it uses.

Placing a sensor coil nearby will be capable of picking up the change in polarity as a high-voltage pulse, and then translate that pulse into data. He used these discoveries to create what became known as Wiegand wires and Wiegand cards.

A Wiegand card uses two short wires, which store data magnetically in the card; these two wires are known as Data low, or Data0 and Data high, or Data1.

There actually is a third wire, as well, providing common ground. There are a few different variations of the Wiegand protocol in existence, but the original is the most common, known as the bit Wiegand format, or often just the bit format.

This is a very common open format, meaning that virtually anyone can buy compatible cards and readers and program them to work using the bit Format. It uses one parity bit, followed by 8 bits of facility code, 16 bits of ID code, and one trailing parity bit, for a total of 26 bits.

This was the standard for a long time and remains in use in many systems, though a variety of different extensions have now been built off it. Wiegand swipe cards cannot be erased by magnetic fields and are more durable than other key cards because they do not contain microchips. This made them reliable, easy choices for equipping systems with swipe cards.

The Wiegand system also made it possible to outfit facilities and systems with much longer cable runs — up to feet — which was far more than similar wiring standards of the day. Virtually all access control credentials readers, whether a biometric fingerprint scanner or standard swipe card reader, convert credential signals to a binary Wiegand number for transmitting to the controller.

Wiegand Calculator

As reliable as the Wiegand protocol is, there are a few drawbacks that contributed to it being phased out for regular use swipe cards. As the original bit Wiegand protocol contained one parity bit, eight facility code bits, 16 bits for card numbers, and 26 trailing parity bits, many systems and facilities were unhappy with the limited number of bits available, and began looking for other formats capable of more bits for their swipe card systems.

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Newer extensions to the bit format have been developed, but they soon ran into another drawback; the physical size and limitations of the card itself, which meant that there be a maximum of 37 Wiegand wires in a standard size card before reliability and clear readability of the data becomes affected or interfered with.

For this reason, even systems now using modified Wiegand systems are limited to 37 bits or less.Many companies use simple keycard systems to provide access to the office. To facilitate encoding new cards they often buy their own card calculators to cut costs or for the sake of efficiency.

Through cloud technology and mobile-friendly software integrations, the world of access control has evolved far beyond physical keycards in most business establishments. Old school keycards are still in use in a lot of places, particularly older businesses that haven't upgraded their systems to the latest technology.

If you'd like to play around with bit calculations, here are some great examples that can be found on bit-calculator. The card format is interpreted from the bit pattern. A note about card numbers: The Internal Card Number is usually the same as the External Card Number the number printed on the card itselfhowever it can be offset to increase security to hinder someone from interpreting the full card code.

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Since computers always use binary math, each column can only contain a one 1 or zero 0. Binary data is often combined together into convenient four-bit hexadecimal, or hex units called Nybbles. Hex values are displayed as 0 — F.

Identisource has a good format and facility site code explanation and ID card group provides a great cheat sheet for HID proximity credential cards and the formats. THey also provide an HID prox card programming checklist. Every card has a consecutive serial number programmed, assigned in your access control software to a card holder. For 26 bit cards, it can be from 0 to 65, But, what happens if two companies share the same card numbers?

Could they access each other's premises? To reduce this risk, a second number, known as the facility or site code is encoded into each card. This number can go from 0 to on a 26 bit format card. As an example, if Company A has cards numbered from 1 towith facility codethey would be programmed as follows — — — ……. Company B could have the same serial numbers, but with facility codeand their cards would be — — — ……. To grant access, an access control system validates the facility keycard code AND the serial number.

Company A will reject Company B cards, and vice versa, even if they have the same serial number, because the facility code does not match. Here is a video showing how to convert facility codes from a decimal value to a hexadecimal value. With hexadecimal, 24 bits can be represented with only six characters.

The format is not the number itself. For example, there are over different bit formats alone. For example:o One bit format may have an 8-bit Facility Code starting with bit 2.This document provides additional information to help you understand the Wiegand and Wiegand interface.

Please note that this document applies to BioStar version lower than 1. Wiegand is the most common communication method used by access control devices.

For detailed Wiegand Data Cable diagram, please refer to Suprema device manual. A parity bit is used as a simple quality check for the accuracy of the transmitted binary data. Each parity bit should be set to even or odd. A selected group of data bits will be united with one parity bit, and the total number of bits should result in either an even or odd number.

In BioStar, you need to set the Wiegand mode; accept Wiegand signal as Wiegand input for further processing within the device or send Wiegand signal created from the device as Wiegand output to 3rd party device.

The Wiegand data is transferred to selected direction. BioStar allows for both Wiegand Input and Output mode. BioStar activates door relay after receiving Wiegand signal and authentication is success, alternatively, BioStar sends Wiegand signal to 3rd party controller.

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Suprema device can pass the User ID or Card ID to the 3rd party controller for verification and 3rd party controller opens the doors based on the information received from Suprema device. BioStar have following Wiegand modes:. According to the card format above, total number of bits is In this case, click Change Format button to set customized Wiegand format.

Facility cod bits are not editable as they are undefined. Mark [E] at the starting bit and mark [O] at the ending bit. Number of bits: 37 Number of bits to sum for even parity: 19 Address to start from: 0 Number of bits to sum for odd parity: 19 Address to start from: 18 Address to end : 37 Number of Facility Code bits Undefined : 16 Address to start from: 1 Number of Cardholder ID bits: 19 Address to start from: 17 Number of Issue Level bits: 0 Address to start from: 0 Facility Code: A Yes, but you must know the Wiegand format of the card or RF reader.

Also, we do not support settings for the facility code and supports up to total bit of 64bit and ID bit of 32bit. Q I would like to control doors using Suprema device and RF reader. Wiegand mode should be Wiegand Input Card for this case. Please send us your Wiegand format in below template. Trace Understanding Wiegand. Wiegand Format Template.

Manage book 0 page s. BioStar 1Wiegand. Extended: RF Reader will be treated as independent device.


The extended mode assigns RF reader a separate ID which allows them to be associated with doors, included in zones, and leave logs. Please check the Wiegand format and send all users to Suprema device again. When no log appears: When there are no logs in the Realtime Monitoring even you placed your card on the RF reader, this means that no Wiegand signals has been transmitted to Suprema device.

Please check the Wiegand wiring and Wiegand mode again. Almost all card data formats are the standard 26 bit format. Mifare Card 34 bit format of appendix 1 is helpful. Appendix 1.The Wiegand interface is a wiring standard used for interconnecting peripherals like fingerprint readers, card swipers or iris recognition devices.

Initially created by HID Corporation, the Wiegand devices gained popularity thanks to the popularity of the Wiegand effect card readers of the s. The Wiegand interface is considered a de facto wiring standard for card swipe mechanisms, especially for electronic data entry.

The wires are composed of an alloy with magnetic properties. The communication protocol used in the Wiegand interface is called the Wiegand protocol. The initial Wiegand format was comprised of only one parity bit, eight bits of facility code, and trailing parity bit of twenty-six bits. Although many access control systems did adopt Wiegand technology, the limitations of having only eight bits for site codes and eighteen bits for card numbers resulted in having the formats redesigned with different complexities to accommodate the different needs.

Hence, in addition to the basic Wiegand format, different implementations to the basic Wiegand format which are inconsistent also became prevalent. However in its initial days, the Wiegand signalling format gave the unique benefit of providing very long cable runs compared to other prevalent standards for interface existing at the time. Toggle navigation Menu. Home Dictionary Tags Hardware Electronics.

How to Calculate Facility Code Using Card Bit Calculators

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wiegand formula

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wiegand formula

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